To say the day was warm would be an understatement.

Heat had ravaged the city.

Outside pavements could turn bare feet black in seconds, door handles and metal banisters could give third degree burns
and the air was so hot, it caused a person to almost singe their lungs while inhaling.

Children’s cries and dog’s wails could be heard from every direction, despite the streets being barren.

People closed their curtains and peeled off damp clothes in desperate attempts to cool themselves.

Any left wandering the desert-like alleyways; the homeless, stray animals and those without the sense
to cower in the shade, were slowly roasting.

The heatwave had lasted a week so far. Businesses had shut, public transport and electricity were off, the phones lines
had gone down and people had begun to live isolated existences; trapped in their own homes.

Most had begun to lose their sanity.

Shortages of water and ice, loneliness and borderline starvation had sent some crazy. There was no one there to pump more water
back into the city. No one wanted to leave the safety of their own home and many felt they would be
baked alive if they ventured out to shops that were closed anyway.

For those that did still dare to wander outside, or to their neighbours, whispers of violence had begun to spread.

There were rumours of lifelong friends stealing food and valuables from one another.

Rumours of partners not letting their other half escape out of the sweltering sun and instead letting them dehydrate,
blister and burn to their death outside.

The bleakest tale was of a young mother killing her son in order to preserve resources. She believed murdering and eating his remains was her only
hope at survival. Soon after she fled her flat, it was raided. At first the thieves couldn’t understand what the red bundle of meat on the
floor was. It was simply bone and muscle in a pool of blood. It wasn’t until a small child’s shoe was spotted on one of the legs of meat, that it
dawned upon them. They continued to move through the apartment to discover she had had a fridge full of food at the time.

The human race had fallen in one mere week.


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