Walls drip congealed blood,

A creature lurks within,

Screams pierce the pitch black, 
It drops the human it was feeding from, 

Sockets red, 

The sack of meat falls to the floor, 
It smells the fear of its next victim,

7 feet tall, hairless, one blood-shot black pupil, 

The creature moves towards her, 
Sobbing she sprints away from the gurgling monster, 

Previously gorging on her boyfriend, 

Desperation digs its claws in and holds her tight, 
She glimpses a light not far ahead, 

Her last hope, 

The creatures wails chase her onwards, 
Tasting her terror in the air, 

The creature lunges forwards, 

Dagger-like nails open her innards, 
A last whimper, 

A creature fuelling it’s greed, 

A horror to behold, 
The creature has lurked for 1000 years, 

In our sewers, 

Beneath our homes


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