Book Review: Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb 

‘Assassin’s Apprentice’ by Robin Hobb has everything I could possibly have hoped for in a fantasy novel. 

It is filled with amazingly written, complex characters, who are each so strong and unique in their own way. The relationship between these characters are what defined this novel, such as that of Fitz and his developing bond to father-like figure Burrich and the ever-changing dynamics between brothers Chivalry, Verity and Regal. 

The novel introduces court politics, causing moral dilemma’s to everyone involved and more than a glimpse at the locations and magic in this world. 

The ‘Skill’ is the ability to communicate over large distances, see and live through events from other’s eyes and to even cause physical harm and is one form of magic used in an original way to give more depth to the plot. 

The ‘Wit’, another form, allows humans to bond with animals and communicate with them and this was also used to the story’s advantage, isolating and condemning protagonist Fitz due to the stigma attached to those who use it. 

These are without a doubt, the highlights of the first book in this trilogy. Perhaps the only thing letting this book down in any way, is the slight lack of insight we get from any character other than Fitz. I can’t help but feel the book may have benefitted from having multiple points of view. 

Other than that, this is a true little gem of a book that I’d recommend to anyone. 


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