We are constantly told that life is short,

That we should live each day as if it were our last,

Carpe diem, Memento vivere,


Death and decay are all around me,

And yet there is so much beauty,


Fields roll by,

Birds flood above them,

Waves shimmer, crashing against my eardrums,

Wind howls as this planet turns,


But look beyond, there is an even simpler beauty in life,


A cup of tea beside me as I read a book,

A hand to hold while walking down cobbled streets,

Fresh vegetables in my soup,

Slurping as I watch my favourite movie,

A deep conversation with a friend discussing passions and aspirations,

The bright laugh of a customer as I have made their day,

The curling up of my cat in my lap,

The bittersweet taste of alcohol in my mouth and smoke scratching against my throat,

The feel of my boyfriend’s lips against mine,


Who is to say the day is not seized,

With each breath that pours in and out of my lungs,

I am alive.


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